Stadium Nürnberg

Capacity( at league games)
Total places 50,000
Seating 36,771
Standing 13,229
Business seats 1,184
Seats in 20 booths 180
Wheelchair access seats 95
Seats for visually impaired 15
Press seats 152
TV commentator seats 18
TV commentating booths 2
Pitch size 105 x 68 m
2 player changing rooms, with separate sauna and massage rooms
Changing rooms for coaches, referees/officials
Medical treatment rooms
300 m² area for press
225 m² press conference room
3 TV studios
2 lounge areas for wheelchair users with disabled lavatory facilities
1,200 m² function building with VIP rooms over two floors with space for 800 guests
400 m² multifunctional rooms on the 3rd floor
Other Facilities
Athletics facilities, built to international standards, with overhead sprinkling system
Provision of rainwater tanks
Under-soil heating
Floodlights suited to HDTV (practical value of 1,800 Lux)
2 LED videowalls, each 60 m² in size
Fail-safe electricity through separated cables and und emergency diesel generator
Electronic entry checks
Total parking spaces
Possession of the green disabled permit of the Bavarian Office for Familial and Social Affairs (formerly the Pension Office) does not entitle visitors to free parking.
Address Max-Morlock-Platz 1
90471 Nürnberg
  • From the A9, take the exit marked ‘Fischbach‘; from the A6, take the exit marked ‘Nürnberg-Langwasser‘, from the southwest approach (A73) until Nürnberg-Zollhaus or Nürnberg-Zentrum, then follow signs for dynamic traffic updates
  • From Nuremberg central station, take the S-Bahn S2 to the Stadium Nuremberg. The round can also be reached via the trams 6 and 9 from the city centre, or via the buses 44 and 65.
  • Travel tips from the VGN (Nuremberg Transport Office)
  • On match-days, compressed schedules with special trains and buses are in use
  • Disabled parking: Visitors to 1. FC Nürnberg who have a permit for disabled parking may park free of charge in the S5 zone (reachable via Regensburger Str.)