Samstag, 18.05.2013

"It was a passionate win"

Here is the match reaction following FCN’s 3-2 win in the final game of the season against Bremen.

Michael Wiesinger, 1. FC Nürnberg manager: “That was an important and passionate win, plus it’s great fort he relationship between the fans and the team. Bremen were the better team in the first half. We were a bit lucky with Petersen’s penalty shout. It would have been really difficult to come back from 2-0 down with the young team we had out there today. Set-pieces are one of our qualities and got us back in the game. It was a bit tense in the final stages but overall it’s a positive end to the season.

Werder Bremen’s Wolfgang Rolff: “We started the game really well. We got in their faces early on and opened the scoring. We could have scored a second in that phase. We controlled the first half and if we had got the penalty after half time, it would have been difficult for Nürnberg to get back in the game. At least we managed to pull it back to 3-2.”

Raphael Schäfer: “It was important to go into the summer break positively. We can be very happy with 44 points; we fought hard for them. It’s been a busy and mentally draining season. If you had bet at the start of the campaign that Per Nilsson would end up being the top scorer you’d have got a lot of money.”

Per Nilsson: “It’s unbelievable that I’ve finished as the top scorer. We’ve had a good season and we’re in the Bundesliga again next year. The last two games and wins were a good way to end the campaign. We’ve certainly improved from last year. I’m looking forward to the summer break and a chance to recuperate.”

Sebastian Polter: “I gave my all once again for my final game. The goal was a nice way to say goodbye. The first half of the season was better for me. In the second half I was stuck in a hole that I needed to dig my way out of. It’s been great to play in the Bundesliga with Nürnberg. I’ll miss the fans and the atmosphere in the stadium. I soaked it all in one last time today.”